American celebrities are being implicated with Tornado Cash

Following the platform’s ban on North American territory, celebrities such as Jimmy Falon, Logan Paul, and Dave Chapelle have received transfers from the platform.

Pump&Pump August 11

The last couple of hours have been pretty intense for cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash and everything surrounding it. Last Monday, the United States regulators decided to introduce Tornado Cash into the list of entities sanctioned by the government, therefore causing all wallets linked to this application to be under suspicion of money laundering and therefore to be investigated.

According to data published by the United States Department of the Treasury, the application developed on the Ethereum network has been used to launder over 7 billion dollars in virtual currencies since its creation in 2019. The Undersecretary of the Treasury, Brian Nelson announced during a press conference that “Treasury aggressively pursues actions against virtual currency mixers and the criminals they help.”

In protest of these actions that the US rulers have taken, developers of Tornado Cash have decided to start involving celebrities from the country. Over the last few hours, transactions from the application's wallets to known accounts of several well-known Americans have been happening.

An anonymous user has decided to create chaos by trolling several celebrities by sending money from the application. Influential people within the cryptocurrency industry such as the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, or the NFT artist, Beeple, have received transactions of 0.1 ETH in their addresses, something that after the change in regulations would be totally prohibited and persecuted by crypto regulators.

In addition to well-known people in the cryptocurrency industry, there are many influencers, presenters, and celebrities in general who have been affected by this fact. Logan Paul, Jimmy Fallon and Dave Chapelle have also received their transfers from Tornado Cash, although they have not yet commented on the matter. The reality is that there are currently no methods to be able to reject transfers from this application, something that makes it difficult to really check the intentions of each transfer.


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