New institutions join the CMIC's ranks

The self-regulatory organization Crypto Market Integrity Coalition adds eight new members bumping its total up to thirty-eight.

DeFi September 30
Víctor de Castro

Within the crypto industry, there are many actors who act according to the law. Some of them came together to create the Crypto Market Integrity Coalition. This was created to provide integrity and efficiency to the market, by unifying their voices as one. 

Now, the CMIC has announced that eight new members have joined the ranks making up thirty-eight institutions and companies in total. This time we are talking about Bittrex, BitGo, Oasis Pro Markets, Crystal Blockchain, FinClusive, Merkle Science, Tokenomy, and VAF Compliance

"The CMIC gives a unified voice to the crypto industry's commitment to continually improving market integrity and collaboration with regulators.” 

In addition, the organization itself has reported they are developing a training of some kind. This concentrates on the integrity of the market with a focus on digital assets. A tool for professionals interested in understanding the various regulations, to help minimize manipulation in these markets. 


Among the new companies, it is worth highlighting the cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex and the trust and security company for digital assets BitGo, in addition to the Fintech FinClusive and Oasis Pro Markets. Behind the CMIC is the market surveillance company Solidus Labs, which boasts members as important as Coinbase, Circle, and Huobi Tech. These were among the first members at its birth, in February of this year. 

"We support and seek to participate in digital asset markets that demonstrate Market Integrity." 

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