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TokenUnlocks platform reveals a 100% increase in the number of tokens unlocked in 2022

DeFi January 23
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The platform, which allows users to unlock cryptocurrency project tokens by completing tasks and participating in events, has seen a significant increase in activity. According to the report, the number of cryptocurrency projects using TokenUnlocks to distribute their tokens has increased by 50% in the past year. Additionally, the platform has seen a 75% increase in the number of monthly active users.

The report also highlights that the majority of tokens unlocked on the platform are from high-yield cryptocurrency projects, with especially strong growth in the number of tokens from Ethereum-based projects. In addition, an increase in the number of tokens unlocked in projects related to decentralized finance and trading was observed, indicating a growing interest in these areas.

TokenUnlocks' Key Data

In addition, the document also discusses the future prospects for high-value unlocks, including statistics on the expected distribution of token unlocks among the top 300 cryptocurrency projects. The platform has also seen an increase in activity in its community, with a 100% increase in the number of sponsored events and a 50% increase in the number of members in its Telegram group.

The analysis estimates that 82.1% of the tokens with total fixed supply have already circulated in the market, however, the value that is considered to be unlocked over the next few years amounts to $102 billion. The report also breaks down the percentage remaining locked for each project, with an average of 38.6% of the total supply still to be unlocked.

Last year's report shows, according to TokenUnlocks, an upward trend in the growth of cryptocurrency projects and their adoption on the platform. The increase in the number of tokens unlocked and activity on the platform indicates a growing interest in the cryptocurrency space. The platform will continue to work to provide an easy and efficient user experience to unlock tokens and support growth in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

AXS goes against the grain

The native token of Axie Infinity, a winning game based on blockchain technology, is experiencing a surge in value despite the upcoming release of tokens worth millions of dollars. According to Coinalyze, the dollar value locked in open contracts in perpetual futures related to AXS has increased by 156% to $104 million in the past day.

According to TokenUnlocks, 4.8 million AXS tokens, or 1.8% of the total supply of 270 million, will be available starting Monday, which makes the most recent bullish move puzzling. Token releases are often seen as bearish catalysts that create liquidity and allow investors to lock in their profits.

However, some experts argue that token releases can also act as bullish catalysts in bullish markets and bearish in bear markets, as they free up liquidity to sustain the current trend. In addition, some teams take the opportunity to announce positive news in the days before the token release to take advantage of the positive market trend. 


FTX warns its clients about recent scams

The exchange warns its users about the dangers of a scam that promises to return to victims the funds lost due to the collapse of the exchange.

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