Uniswap comes to BNB Chain

The decision to deploy Uniswap Protocol v3 on BNB Chain was supported by 66% of voters

DeFi March 16
News Mundocrypto

Uniswap, the leading decentralized exchange protocol, has announced its official launch on BNB Chain. The deployment of Uniswap Protocol v3 on BNB Chain was supported by an impressive 66% of voters, marking a significant step towards greater accessibility and liquidity for its users.

This expansion offers several advantages, such as user growth, lower commissions and access to new geographic markets. The move to BNB Chain will enable Uniswap Protocol to better serve all users within the Web3 space.

Launching on BNB Chain will enhance Uniswap Protocol's ability to reach a wider audience and grow within the Web3 space. With BNB Chain's high speed and low transaction fees, Uniswap Protocol users will be able to trade and exchange tokens across the network with greater efficiency and profitability.

Alvin Kan, Chief Growth Officer of BNB Chain Innovation, welcomed the news, saying, "We are delighted to see Uniswap's continued commitment to delivering value to its users and building for the future of decentralization."

The integration also allows Uniswap to access a new pool of liquidity with BNB Chain's large community of DeFi developers, increasing awareness and adoption among retail and institutional investors. This move has the potential to attract between 1 and 2 million new users and stakeholders to the Protocol.

The launch responds to the DeFi industry's need for greater accessibility and compatibility between blockchains. The deployment of the Uniswap Protocol on the BNB blockchain means it can capture a larger share of the growing DeFi market.

The launch is expected to drive growth for both Uniswap and BNB Chain as more users join the ecosystem to take advantage of the benefits DeFi offers.