Sam Bankman-Fried booed off

Sam Bankman-Fried confirms his attendance at the Dealbook Summit while the crypto community criticizes this event

Exchanges & Wallets November 24
Kimberly Rodriguez Medina

Unanswered questions are still quite present. The fall of a business giant in any sector is not something that happens in a single day. The situation must have been so critical that, in said case, has resulted in the bankruptcy of a private institution. For this reason, Sam Bankman-Fried will most likely continue to be chased down for explanations surrounding the fall of his empire.

The founder of FTX confirmed his attendance at the Dealbook Summit, organized by the New York Times. The American had received the invitation to participate in this event long before FTX plumetted, and on November 30th he will be present to answer questions from US tabloid journalist, Andrew Sorkin. Confirmation also came from Sorkin, who was considerably blunt:

“There are many important questions to ask and answer. Nothing is off limits." 

The collapse of FTX has not prevented SBF from attending this conference, and is expected to do so via a virtual interview, from the Bahamas, where the businessman is believed to be residing. Nevertheless, what the exchange’s collapse has caused is how the New York Times refers to him, going from 'CEO of FTX' to ‘Founder of FTX’.

This commotion has raised discrepancies between members of the crypto community, who do not understand why Sam Bankman-Fried is still offered opportunities to participate. Even a federal prosecutor has spoken out on the matter. Additionally, The founder of Crypto Law, John Deaton, published a tweet highlighting his opinion on this situation. The same goes for founder of the investment firm Mythos Capital and Bankless, Ryan Adams, and the British defender of Bitcoin, Layah Heilpern. 

Many do not understand how it is possible that, after everything that has happened, the US justice has not ruled on the matter, no type of accusation has been filed against SBF. Will Sam Bankman-Fried set foot on American soil to attend this interview? Will something happen this week that could impede the founder of FTX? We will keep you informed of this and much more here, on Mundo Crypto News.


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