Avalanche makes public the benefits of collaborating with Chainlink

The company claims to have experienced tremendous momentum since the start of the collaboration.

Negocios September 28
News Mundocrypto

Avalanche, a blockchain with a decentralized and open source approach, joined Chainlink with the aim of using its “hyper-trusted market data” to support its ecosystem. The AVAX ecosystem today announced the benefits of this collaboration via a thread on its official Twitter. 

“Major GameFi and DeFi projects use data from this oracle,” says Avalanche. Collaboration with this oracle makes it possible to automate smart contracts, thanks to the Chainlink Keepers service, which helps "save time and reinforce security." 

Chainlink also helps “drive NFT reveals” and mining, as well as increasing the transparency and integrity of the platforms. Thanks to this service, users can audit the “source of randomness” themselves. The speed of the Avalanche network, coupled with the Chainlink infrastructure, has allowed more and more developers to join the Web3 revolution, being able to create "advanced, secure and scalable" dApps. 

It is clear that the company is over the moon regarding this collaboration, as it has allowed it to access more than 10 million data points, automate smart contracts and verify randomness. The initiative has helped Avalanche secure "more than $550 million in value," experiencing "tremendous momentum" since their collaboration began. 


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