Nayib Bukele accuses Bloomberg of defamation

The President of El Salvador criticizes an article by the media outlet and accuses it of being "full of lies"

Negocios December 5
Kimberly Rodriguez Medina

Fake news is the order of the day, something that even Tether recently criticized. The media are getting tougher with the crypto world and, although sometimes they have their reasons, other times they don't. Tether has spoken out against the accusations by the Wall Street Journal, which it accused of fomenting fake news. The Binance CEO has had to speak out and deny some Bloomberg articles, going so far as to sue the Hong Kong-based outlet for defamation. 

Now it is Nayib Bukele who takes action in the matter and ensures that Bloomberg has issued an article "full of lies, which is standard for Bloomberg." The article published under the title "El Salvador's $300 million Bitcoin 'revolution' is failing miserably," describes what Bukele defines as defamation. Bloomberg narrates how El Salvador is proceeding to build the Bitcoin city and, of course, with a very pessimistic view of the future. 

Bukele does not share this point of view and has not hesitated to make it clear: "it is surprising how the mainstream media suddenly cares so much about El Salvador." The president of the Salvadoran nation has assured that many media criticize the nation from a place of ignorance with a view of the future "that is far from reality," in his opinion. The nation recently announced the arrival of volcano bonds, which will finance the construction of Bitcoin City, an initiative Bloomberg assured "deepened El Salvador's debt." 

The president also has his own criticisms, accusing Bloomberg of focusing on spreading articles with "lies" and omitting that "corrupt politicians looted $37 billion from our state coffers." It seems that Bukele considers that this media outlet has not only slandered his government's plan but also contributed to biasing the reality of the Salvadoran nation by omitting the rest of the political details. 

El Salvador became the first country to declare Bitcoin legal tender and this has placed it in the crosshairs of traditional media outlets such as Bloomberg. Although the article defines Bukele's management as a failure, it seems that Bukele is willing to prove the opposite with results, only time will tell who is right. 

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