The CEO of FTX proposed to Elon Musk to join in on the purchase of Twitter

In leaked text messages, the exchange's CEO claims he offered $3 billion to $8 billion to Tesla's CEO to acquire the social network.

Negocios September 30
Kimberly Rodriguez Medina

The trial against Elon Musk for the purchase of Twitter is approaching, which may be one of the most important disputes on Wall Street. While the CEO of Spacex alleges that he abandoned the operation due to the large number of "bots" on the social platform, Sam Bankman-fried's interest in acquiring the platform is filtered. 

It seems that Musk is not the only one interested in the purchase of Twitter, since SBF has tried to collaborate in the acquisition offering a figure between 3 and 8 billion dollars. FTX Future Fund advisor MacAskill was the first to express interest in SBM to the CEO of Tesla. MacAskill assured that Bankman-fried was willing to help in the purchase, in exchange for certain changes in Musk's approach to Twitter. 

The history of leaked messages also shows how a few months later, Michael Grimes, a Morgan Stanley banker, proposed to Musk that he collaborate with the CEO of FTX. Grimes assured the billionaire that Bankman-Fried could favor the interconnection between the social network and the blockchain. However, Musk wasn't entirely sure about SBF's assets. 

The most curious thing was the insecurity of the CEO of Tesla surrounding the wealth of Sam Bankman-Fried. Musk asked Grimes: "Does Sam really have $3 billion liquid?", evidencing doubts about SBF's net worth. The last time the FTX CEO's net worth was appraised, it stood at $9.4 billion, which shows why Musk doubted SBF's solvency. 

The Tesla CEO was also not interested in uniting the concepts of Twitter and decentralization in the same sentence. Blockchain is not possible, as the bandwidth and latency requirements are incompatible with a P2P network, unless those "P2Ps" are absolutely gigantic, which defeats the purpose of a decentralized network. your moment. 

However, the proposal to introduce blockchain technology did take it into account, which is evidenced in a message sent to Kimbal Musk, his brother. “I have an idea to create a blockchain social media system that does payments and short text messages/links like Twitter,” he stated. 

Although Musk seemed to have many plans for this social network, he does not seem to want to carry them out. After suspending the offer of 44,000 million for the purchase of Twitter, on July 8, the tycoon will submit to a statement under oath on October 6 and 7. 


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