Vitalik Buterin's advice to a crypto investor and trader

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin responded publicly on Twitter yesterday to a comment from a crypto investor and trader about his experience within the sector.

Negocios December 5
Marta Navarro

This hard bearish period that we are going through has generated a feeling of pessimism and distrust among many cryptocurrency investors and traders. A reflection of this has been the recent tweet from a user named @CoinMamba, who defines himself as a crypto investor and futures trader.

After 9 years in crypto, I'm a bit exhausted. I want to move on and do something different with my life. Tired of all these scammers and frauds.

Faced with this hopeless comment, Vitalik Buterin wanted to intervene and show that the key to the industry is broadly linked to technology and the applications that are being developed within this field. Beyond purely investing or trying to make money in other ways.

I would recommend increasing your distance from business/investor circles and moving closer to the tech and app ecosystem. Learn about ZK-SNARK, visit a meeting in Latin America, listen to calls from All Core Devs, and read the notes until you have memorized all the EIP numbers…

It is worth mentioning that within the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector it is common to see two different and quite widespread approaches, those who see the sector as a way to make money based on marketing and speculation, and those who, on the contrary, bet and place their focus on the technology that supports it and has enormous potential for the future.

Vitalik Buterin is one of the latter. And so he wanted to show this user his recommendation, who later thanked him for his words and promised to follow his advice and adopt a more long-term vision, focused on technology.


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