NFTs & Metaverso September 22

Bankinter joins the metaverse boom

Today, the financial institution will host a free event for those interested in investing in this type of technology.

Kimberly Rodriguez Medina

Bankinter, a Spanish financial entity, has become the first bank to launch an investment fund dedicated to the metaverse and, now, the first to hold an event on the future of this type of technology. Although banks tend to reject the cryptosystem, Bankinter seems to fully embrace it, something that it will demonstrate at this afternoon's event, which will be presented by Marc Vidal, an expert in economics. 

Any user who registers via the link will be able to access the event, which will be entirely online, at 6:30 p.m., Central European Summer Time. Access will be completely free and its slogan is "investing in the metaverse is no longer science fiction", which denotes its interest in the development of the environment in question. Many experts say that the metaverse could be a revolution similar to the arrival of the internet, which has led more and more entities to take the plunge. 

"The use and application of the metaverse can go beyond virtual worlds and can produce experiences in the field of medicine, education, business... thanks to the combination of web 2.0, augmented reality, technology in 3D, virtual reality, and other technologies", Bankinter. 

Among them is Edmond Rothschild AM, the French company that has partnered with Bankinter to launch the metaverse investment fund. This entity estimates that, on average, the business sector of the virtual world could come close to 760 billion dollars in the next 4 years. With these figures, both entities have decided to join forces to develop what they consider "a new business opportunity" and, to accelerate its arrival, to achieve this, there is nothing better than hosting an event of this magnitude. 

The presenter of this evening will be the renowned Marc Vidal, one of the economists who predicted the 2008 crisis. Bankinter defines the arrival of the metaverse as "a new era", which "will open new fronts in the field of digital economy" and, therefore, is highly relevant for investors. And what about you, will you be attending the event or will you hear about it from others?