Luxor mines the largest Bitcoin block

The mining company issues the first Taproot Wizards NFT, which led to the creation of the largest Bitcoin block to date

NFTs & Metaverso February 3
Kimberly Rodriguez Medina

Bitcoin mining company Luxor makes history by mining the largest Bitcoin block to date. The block, with a size of 3.96 MB, contained an NFT based on the famous "magic internet money" meme with the name Taproot Wizards. A block only for an NFT, was Luxor's proposal and, now, the cause of a heated debate for the cryptographic community: How much sense does it make in terms of scalability?

The NFT uses the technique discovered by NFT Ordinals, which allows additional text to be added to the Bitcoin blockchain, thanks to Segwit technology. However, this new creation has sparked a debate in the Bitcoin community as to whether NFTs are a proper use of the blockchain or just spam.

art or spam

Luxor, for its part, seems to be arguing that NFTs belong in Bitcoin, despite views to the contrary. The creation is partly a collaboration between Luxor and crypto developer Udi Wertheimer.

Some argue that Bitcoin's block size limit would prevent a fee increase, while others, like the famous Adam Back, see the proposal as inefficient and unnecessary. The discussion continues as community members continue to assess the impact of the Ordinals Protocol and its NFT implementation on the future of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Luxor: light or dark magic?

In a tweet, Luxor described the NFT as "the main magician, untethered and released from his thrall." Wertheimer also tweeted the transaction, adding "we do a little magic." However, the community is still not very clear about how this proposal benefits the NFT world, since so far not so much space has been required.

In short, the mining of the largest Bitcoin block by Luxor and the creation of the NFT by Taproot Wizards have sparked a debate in the Bitcoin community and caught the attention of crypto and NFT enthusiasts. However, it is also a milestone, the largest block, so far, in the history of Bitcoin has been mined.