Metaverse among the candidates for word of the year

Metaverse is one of the three finalists for word of the year according to the University of Oxford

NFTs & Metaverso November 23
Juan Revelles

Every year, the University of Oxford chooses what has been the word of the year. In 2021 the chosen one was “vaccine”. This 2022 the three finalists are "metaverse", "IStandwith" and "Globin Mode". This has been made official by the University of Oxford via its website.

It cannot be ignored that everyday blockchain technology and its entire ecosystem are more present in the day-to-day life of society and this candidacy for word of the year for "metaverse" is one more example. Oxford itself defines the word as "a hypothetical virtual reality environment in which users can interact with each other through their avatars in an immersive way."

The first time an Oxford dictionary included the concept of "metaverse" was in 1992 after Neil Stephenson used it in the novel Snow Crash. 30 years later, it is a candidate for word of the year.

Oxford explains that the word "metaverse" has seen its use multiply by four times over compared to the previous year. The presentation video that Oxford has released shows how the metaverse can change the lifestyles and way many people work through virtual reality.

The other two candidates are "IStandWith", which is born from political activism, and "Globin Mode" which emerges from the post-pandemic and defends the refusal to return to the routine and way of life that existed before covid-19. The winner is chosen through surveys on social media and the Oxford University website. At the moment, in the Twitter poll, "metaverse" ranks second with just over 30%.

Whatever the result, what is evident is the growth of blockchain technology and its ecosystem, because even if it is not chosen as word of the year 2022, the metaverse seems to have worked its way into our lives and is here to stay and be an important part of our future.


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