NFTs & Metaverso September 22

Naver and LINE to create a dedicated K-pop NFT marketplace

The initiative seeks to connect fans and artists through NFT collections with the best moments from their music.

Kimberly Rodriguez Medina

Naver Corporation, the South Korea-based internet giant joins forces with LINE NEXT to create an NFT marketplace. The main theme is K-pop, one of the most popular musical genres of this nation, expanding throughout the world in recent years thanks to the influence of groups such as BTS and Black Pink. The platform will be called NOW.Drops and will allow users to develop NFTs based on their favorite musicians. 

These works will be connected with exclusive content on NOW., an online audio, and video service, allowing NFTs to engage with the artist's musical journey. The service will allow users to coin part of the live broadcasts on NOW, although for this you must be an artist. To access the platform, users will have to log in to the "DOSI" wallet, belonging to LINE NEXT. 

"Line Next plans to launch an AVA marketplace in the future to help users trade their crystals with each other”, Official Press Release. 

The main objective of the platform is to encourage the artists themselves to interact with their followers, through NFT technology, which also allows them to obtain direct benefits from their music. The first artist to enter this NFT Marketplace was NMIXX, who began with a collection that showcased his return to the stage. Among the NFTs, a backstage video and an unreleased video of the performance were sold. 

To encourage the purchase of this collection, the artist launched an airdrop where users could have the opportunity to access the work and purchase NMIXX NFTs for free for 8 days. The initiative was well received, as fans responded by participating in the airdrop, hoping to win an NFT from their favorite artist.