Suzhou to develop its own metaverse

The Chinese city is focused on the development of the Metaverse with 30 use cases by 2025

NFTs & Metaverso February 2
Kimberly Rodriguez Medina

Suzhou, a city in eastern China, is investing in the digital future by building 30 metaverse use cases by 2025. It will focus on areas such as health, tourism, education, and city administration with the goal of achieving worth 200 billion yuan (29.77 billion US dollars) by 2025.

"The Metaverse on the Suzhou horizon"

Suzhou is not the only Chinese city interested in the development of the metaverse. Shanghai, the country's financial capital, launched its first metaverse industrial fund in December 2022 with a goal of raising 1 billion yuan (US$149 million). In addition, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Jinan, Zhejiang, and Henan provinces have also announced plans for metaverse development.

"Asia prepares for the digital future"

Not only China is interested in the metaverse, but South Korea is also focused on the development of the metaverse and aims to be among the top five nations in the field by 2026. They have started their project called Metaverse Seoul to provide services on the digital platform to residents of the capital city.

South Korea has become a leader in the crypto industry thanks to its commitment to blockchain technology and the metaverse. Many companies in the crypto industry have moved their businesses to South Korea after the bans in China.

The first version of the Seoul metaverse will include a virtual counseling room for youth, which is intended to provide a safe space to discuss concerns with virtual mentors. This service has been opened to alleviate fears that young people may have when talking to others about their problems.

It is clear that the Asia region is preparing for the digital future with a focus on developing the metaverse. Now, Suzhou has joined this ambitious plan and will develop 30 metaverse use cases by 2025, while other cities and countries in the region have also announced their own plans for metaverse development. It is exciting to see how technology is driving change and innovation across the region.