Luka Dončić levels up

The Slovenian Dallas Mavericks player has released a version of himself focused on the metaverse thanks to Epic Games.

Pump&Pump September 23
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Artificial intelligence is evolving quicker than ever. Even the first discussions about the autonomy of this new technology and whether it will be able to function as a physical person, with its own feelings and thoughts, have begun to surface. The interest of various public figures in this self-representation is increasing, and one of the best basketball players in the world has announced the metahuman version of himself. 

We are of course talking about Slovenian Luka Dončić, who introduced his new self, Luk.AI. The Dallas Mavericks player has teamed up with the American video game developer Epic Games for this creation. The metahuman version of Luka is focused on the metaverse allowing thousands of fans of his game to interact with this character in principle,  via TikTok, as well as Twitter profile. 


Epic Games has long bet on artificial intelligence and the metaverse. The first public experiments came in its biggest game. Thousands of people have seen various concerts and events in Fortnite that have allowed them to experience virtual reality at home. And now, to create this digital version of number 77 of the 'Mavs' they have used their 'Unreal Engine' technology. 

Obviously, Luk.AI wears the same brands that sponsor the physical player. He wears a Jordan kit, with a tracksuit and his special signature basketball shoe, which is also made by the sports brand. While Dončić has a few days of vacation left before he rejoins the American team, the digital version of him is already at work, answering various questions sent to him by the community. 


This is how Luka, one of the most spectacular players in the world of basketball right now, begins his season. A season that promises to be exciting as the Slovenian has a clear objective in mind: to reach the Finals for the NBA ring. We'll see if he succeeds, and how his new self, powered by artificial intelligence, will pitch in.


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