Scandal in the gaming industry: historical leak of GTA 6

One of the most played sagas of all time has suffered a major security breach and hackers have leaked images and videos about GTA 6. They could even have the source code.

Pump&Pump September 20
Víctor de Castro

The video game industry is in constant evolution, but there are a select few historical sagas that have stood the test of time and are eagerly awaited. One of them is Grand Theft Auto, better known as GTA, which is preparing to release its sixth installment. On Sunday, however, alarm bells went off across the video game ecosystem. More than 90 videos were leaked about this new edition. 

How did they get hold of the data? A hack of Slack, the internal communication platform for the company, is to blame for everything. In it, the development team regularly updated each other on the progress in the development of the video game. The problem is not the information that was uploaded directly to GTAForums, but the hacker's future posts, which were accompanied by more than 3 gigabytes of information with the following message: 

"Here you will find 90 images/clips from GTA 6. I may soon be able to leak more data, source code and assets from GTA 5 and 6, as well as a test build of GTA 6." 

In addition, they also added that they wanted to negotiate with Rockstar, the developer of this video game. Obviously, this has been seen by the community as a way to blackmail and profit at the expense of the creators. The problem is that, if the source code is released, the basis of everything would be revealed, since Rockstar itself has always worked with an internal engine that has remained a trade secret to this day. 

Rockstar official statement 

The developer of GTA 6 has finally spoken on this subject. In an official statement, they have admitted a security breach in which a third party illegally entered their systems, where he downloaded the information that he is being leaked online. They even touched on the future development of this video game and its plans.

"We do not anticipate any interruption to our live gaming services or any long-term effects on the development of our current projects." 

The game is not finished yet, and the company will continue with one of the most historic sagas in the industry. It remains to be seen if the source code issue is real or if the hackers are bluffing since Rockstar has not commented on it. Part of the industry has shown its support for the company, even those of the closest competition. 


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