Solar Astronomy Bitcoin: the new design of Jacob & Co

Luxury jeweler launches limited edition crypto-inspired watch. Only 25 units will be made

Pump&Pump September 2
Kimberly Rodriguez Medina

After more than a quarter of a century in the world of high-end jewelry, Jason & Co announces its first design related to the world of cryptocurrencies: the Bitcoin Solar Astronomy. The luxury watch edition is limited to 25 pieces, following Bitcoin's economic scarcity principles. The announcement is produced by a press release , where the brand warns that it is the "epitome of haute horlogerie of the 21st century”. 

Some luxury watch brands have already made their bets, such as Hublot, Breitling or TAG Heuer. Now, Jasob & Co. is joining the trend, becoming the only one to make a direct bet on Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that has inspired its latest design. Some watchmakers have focused on designing a smart-watch with faces compatible with NFT technology, although in this case, the approach has been much more classic. 

The Bitcoin Solar Astronomy stands out for its multidisciplinary engineering, being the most compact of the brand. The watch combines 444 parts with finishes that meet the highest watchmaking standards, fused on a baseplate with the design of the mother of all cryptocurrencies. The background needs 10 minutes to complete a revolution, while its pieces rotate counterclockwise, which makes its operation even more complex. 

The hands of the watch are plated in 18-carat rose gold and the dial has a 224-year-old mechanism. The world of luxury and cryptocurrencies are often aligned as their users dream of enjoying cars, watches, and other high-end items. However, some personalities such as Adam Back, cryptographer and inventor of Proof-of-Work, reject the concept and opt for cryptography or, in his case, for Bitcoin. Its price is 386,750 euros, with which almost 20 complete Bitcoins could be purchased, at the closing price of this article. 

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