The Brazilian Sao Paulo pays the signing of Giuliano Galoppo through Bitcoin

The team has reached an agreement with the Argentine Banfield and will pay 6 million dollars in BTC for the midfielder.

Pump&Pump August 2
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The relationship between football and cryptocurrencies does not stop getting closer, there are already multiple occasions in which the two industries have coincided and it seems that the uses that football teams can give to digital assets already go beyond sponsorships. At least that is how the Brazilian Sao Paulo has understood it, who have become the first team in a national First Division to make a transfer paid entirely with Bitcoin.

The Argentine midfielder Giuliano Galoppo will play next season in the Brazilian Sao Paulo in exchange for 6 million dollars. Banfield, the player's team of origin, will receive the payment in a very particular way, the Brazilians will be helped by one of their sponsors, the cryptocurrency exchange Bitso, to make the payment through Bitcoin.

Despite the fact that this is the most important signing to date made by paying through cryptocurrencies, the reality is that this practice has already been established before. In January 2021, the Spanish striker, David Barral joined DUX Internacional de Madrid, a team in the third category of Spanish football. This transfer was the first exchange of players that was made through the payment of cryptocurrencies.

After this, the payment of salaries in cryptocurrencies has become popular, also in the year 2021, Ifunanyachi Achara, of the Toronto FC of the MLS signed a contract in which he would receive his salary in BTC. Since then, many athletes from different disciplines have begun to earn in cryptocurrencies, such as Leo Messi, Oddel Beckham Jr or Stephen Curry.

Sao Paulo FC's relationship with cryptocurrencies has already become commonplace, for more than a year it launched its own token (SPFC) thanks to In addition, its sponsorship with the Bitso exchange has allowed cariocas to offer their fans new digital products such as NFTs or also purchase tickets or merchandising with the club's token.


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