The metaverse, protagonist in the VMA’S

The MTV awards gala had a performance directly in the digital world and also the category “best performance in the metaverse” was released.

Pump&Pump August 29
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One of the important days in the music industry is the awards ceremony of the television network MTV. The American channel has been entertaining young audiences through music for more than 40 years and in this trajectory it has highlighted its ability to adapt to new technologies. With the appearance of the metaverse, the company has not been left behind and has had great importance at the VMA'S gala held this Sunday in New Jersey. 

The annual MTV awards ceremony has had a new category of winners in 2022. The awards now have a distinction for the "best performance in the metaverse" making protagonists the artists who have released a piece through this platform. The first nominees in this section have been Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Blackpink's, BTS, Charly XCX and Twenty One Pilots. The winner has finally been Blackpink's by The Virtual. 

Blackpink's performance was held between July 22 and 31 through the mobile version of the Player Unknown's Battelgrounds (PUBG) game. The players were able to enjoy these days several reruns of the performance of about ten minutes of the female group. The virtual performance of the song "Ready for Love" captured more than 12 million users, which has caused PUGB Studios to consider holding new virtual concerts. 

In addition to this new inclusion in the list of winners, the night was livened up with a performance by the Bored Ape owned by Eminem and Snoop Dogg. The performance performed in the metaverse was the great sensation of the gala despite the numbers of artists such as Bad Bunny or Nicky Minaj. The song “From the D 2 the LBC” performed by Eminem and Snoop Dogg has become an NFT icon, with the rappers' Bored Ape starring in its video clip. 

NFT Music 

Without a doubt, the music industry is turning towards this new sector of digitization, as it has done since its inception. Some years ago the sector had to face the change from the physical format (Cassette and CD's) to the digital format and later to streaming. Now it seems that this evolution is going one step further and several artists are launching their works in NFT format. 

Platforms like Snowcrash have begun publishing music in this format, allowing smaller artists to monetize their creations and presenting fans with an opportunity to own music. The platform itself, Snowcrash, has already released several singles on the Solana network, including songs by artists like Bob Dylan or Miles Davis. 



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