Judge authorizes Binance.US's bid to acquire Voyager

According to the judge, this move serves to avoid prejudice to Voyager's customers and does not waive violations

Regulaciones March 16
News Mundocrypto

Binance.US's $1 billion offer to acquire Voyager's assets has been given the green light by a bankruptcy judge, despite objections from the U.S. government. 

The government had argued that the deal would absolve Voyager and its staff of tax and securities law violations. However, the judge rejected this argument, stating that the settlement does not preclude regulatory action and that further delays would harm Voyager's customers who have been unable to access their cryptocurrency since filing for bankruptcy last July.

The judge criticized the documents filed by the government for overstating and misrepresenting its decisions and the authorities on which it relied. The judge also noted that the delays themselves were a major problem for Voyager's customers.

The Binance.US purchase was initially due to take effect on March 15, but under a separate agreement with Voyager, the deadline has been extended to March 20. The deal is expected to go through as planned, giving Binance.US access to Voyager's assets and expanding its presence in the cryptocurrency market.

The judge's decision marks a significant victory for Binance.US and Voyager, as it allows the deal to move forward despite the government's objections. As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow, the acquisition will provide Binance.US with access to a broader range of assets and customers, increasing its competitiveness in the space.