The FBI confirms that Lazarus Group is responsible for the attack on Harmony

After years of investigation, the authorities confirm that the Lazarus Group is responsible for the theft of millions of dollars from Harmony

Seguridad January 24
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After months of investigation, the authorities confirm that the Lazarus Group is responsible for the theft of millions of dollars from Harmony.

The FBI investigation has determined that the hacker group known as the Lazarus Group, linked to North Korea, is responsible for the theft of more than $100 million worth of cryptocurrency in June 2022.

It appears that the group used a phishing technique to access the accounts of several Harmony team members, allowing them to steal a large amount of cryptocurrency. This should not surprise us, since this is not the first attack carried out by the Lazarus Group with this same modus operandi, as it has been accused of similar thefts in the past.

Phishing, Lazarus' favorite tool

On December 24th, none other than SlowMist, a cryptocurrency security company, published a report revealing that the group had created fake websites to resemble reputable NFT markets. Users who fall for the scam connect their wallets and hand over their non-fungible tokens, thinking they are legitimate.

According to the report, SlowMist created nearly 500 different domains, and just one of the phishing addresses managed to get 1,055 NFTs and 300 Ether profits valued at $365,142 at the time of the report. 

And now what?

The Harmony team has issued a statement stating that they have taken steps to strengthen the security of their systems and that they are working with the authorities to recover the stolen cryptocurrencies.

However, the FBI has issued a warning to all cryptocurrency users to be cautious when receiving suspicious emails or messages and not provide personal or financial information to strangers.

Here we see that cryptocurrency theft is a growing threat in the digital age and it is important that we all stay vigilant and take security measures to protect our digital assets.

If the blockchain empowers us to take control of our own finances, it is necessary that we ourselves be in charge of protecting our own heritage and for this, education is the best weapon.


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