Is it possible to earn bitcoins while playing Solitaire?

This is the latest idea of THNDR Games, which has developed 'Bitcoin Club: Solitaire' in order to reach a wider audience by offering rewards in satoshis.

Tecnología September 16
Víctor de Castro

One of the simplest and most popular card games in the world is Solitaire. There are several ways to play since the user can choose their preferred set of rules when playing alone, discarding cards in the decks until they are complete. While the world of video games is in a constant state of evolution, the classics never die, like many they reinvent themselves, and that seems to have happened with this game. 

The video game creator THNDR Games plans to do just this, launching its sixth mobile game on September 19. While this idea isn't anything new, Solitaire has been around forever, what's behind it is truly innovative. With the new play-to-earn model, the idea is that people who play this game earn bitcoins while they win games of this classic game. 

The game will be called 'Bitcoin Club: Solitaire', and one of the objectives is to capture the attention of those who aren't familiar with this style of games. According to a study done by the company, there are 2,600 million people who spend their time playing various mobile games, 63% of them being women. Developing a play-to-earn with solitaire aims to introduce the concept of bitcoin to underrepresented audiences in the ecosystem. 

"Solitaire is highly attractive to people because of its familiarity and ease of play." 

The payment style is unknown, but if we look at other games on the platform, they often use the Bitcoin Lightning micropayment network to execute user rewards quickly. The games developed by THNDR Games are usually easy to download, as they can be found in the Google and Apple stores. 

"Games like Solitaire offer a safe, familiar and fun environment for users to learn about Bitcoin and earn their first satoshis.”

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