Mani Thawani, ‘Crypto Entrepreneur of the Year’

The executive director of Mundo Crypto received this distinction awarded by Entrepreneur Middle East, which recognizes personalities who lead crypto initiatives.

Tecnología September 16
News Mundocrypto

Our executive director, Mani Thawani, became the first Spanish citizen to be awarded the 'Crypto Entrepreneur of the Year' last night. This crypto technology award was presented at the 'Leaders in Fintech Awards 2022' by the magazine Entrepreneur Middle East. 

This award seeks to recognize personalities from the public or private sector who have led initiatives with a significant impact on the emerging market of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Each year it honors professionals driving the future of financial technology in the Middle East. 

"Dubai has welcomed both me and my team and is being key in the strategic expansion that we are carrying out here at Mundo Crypto." 

Mundo Crypto has become the leading academy for Spanish-speaking people, and the third largest in Europe in terms of cryptocurrency, economics, and blockchain technology training. 

"The expansion of this business should allow present and future generations to benefit from a more equitable and decentralized economy, built on the notion of freedom."

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