Michael Saylor gives Elon Musk advice: Is AI coming to Twitter?

MicroStrategy CEO responds to Musk in an attempt to implement artificial intelligence, which would allow it to "offer tools for interactive exploration"

Tecnología December 5
Kimberly Rodriguez Medina

Michael Saylor declares himself in favor of the crypto world in a climate of uncertainty. The CEO of MicroStrategy places his trust in cryptocurrencies, something he constantly reiterates in interviews and on via social media. Now, he wants to go a step further and has shown his interest in AI, Elon Musk, "Why not Twitter AI?" asks the CEO of this social network. 

Chaos recently broke out on Elon Musk's Twitter platform after laying off more than 3,700 employees in a matter of weeks. After leaving most of the departments without many employees, the problems in the social network began to surface, but the CEO remains calm: "Twitter has achieved a record number of users," he says. Elon says the platform is full of noise, one of the reasons that made him reconsider buying Twitter, but "the more signal/noise improvements, the less relevant mainstream news becomes." 

Elon is obsessed with keeping the "noise" levels down, and claims that the "intelligence of this hivemind will improve significantly as this improves." This improvement would mean an increase in speed and an improvement in the "cross-linking" of the tweets. However, Saylor has some advice: Twitter can be "much smarter by sorting and verifying accounts" of users, and this could be done by AI. 

MicroStrategy's CEO also talked about "providing greater bandwidth for viewing output streams" and creating "intelligent search/synthesis tools for interactive exploration," initiatives that could improve how Twitter works. Following these suggestions, Saylor proposes that Musk's platform develop its own AI, although users respond that: "First, Elon must correct the mess of the old administration." 

Dogecoin angry with Musk 

One of Musk's initiatives was for the remaining employees to focus primarily on removing noise from the platform, blocking accounts that acted as bots. However, it seems that the remedy has been worse than the disease. Dogecoin co-founder Shibetoshi Nakamoto says "a lot of accounts are being suspended from people who generally do nothing but tweet memes and positivity," which he calls "pretty weird." 

The co-founder of Elon Musk's favorite meme coin was quick to receive an answer: "The team was too intense with the spam/bot suspensions," the Tesla CEO said. It seems that Musk has taken the verification of real users very seriously, although it has resulted in casualties: the removal of accounts that were not bots. It is clear that with the arrival of cryptocurrencies, AI, and even the color verification system Twitter still has a long way to go, although it seems that Elon is truly committed. 

As the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, says: "Twitter has a lot of noise, but also a lot of truth"


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