New record for Cardano: 4,000 smart-contracts

ADA ecosystem reaches a new milestone by quadrupling the number of smart contracts in just 11 months

Tecnología December 5
Kimberly Rodriguez Medina

In January of this year, IOHK announced that Chainlink Labs' oracles would be integrated with Cardano's smart contracts, increasing the reliability of the data reaching the ADA chain. This bet, along with the integration of decentralized finance into the ecosystem, boosted contracts on Plutus, Cardano's native smart-contracts platform. The ecosystem reached the first 1,000 smart contracts in January this year, now, it announces a new record: 4,000 registered smart contracts. 

While the ecosystem is experiencing a stage of economic recession, Cardano is expanding. Cardano recently forked with the most anticipated update, Vasil, which improved the smart contract platform, Plutus, among many other benefits. The Plutus contracts were integrated into the network through the Cardano Improvements Proposal (CIP), something that had been expected since June but did not take place until September. 

The creation of initiatives such as Lace, a cross-chain wallet, compatible with Ethereum and Bitcoin, finished boosting the ecosystem last October. Curiously, the name of the wallet is another tribute to Ada Lovelace, the first female programmer in history. It is her name that the Cardano cryptocurrency ADA honors. 

Following the arrival of the hard fork, Vasil; the wallet, Lace, and the announcement of its first stablecoin, Emurgo, the platform experiences its fourth ATH in terms of smart contracts. The number has quadrupled in just 11 months, reaching 4,050 smart contracts on December 4, Cardano statistics show. The growth represents an increase of 316% in the past year, after Charles Hoskinson's suite of ecosystem initiatives. 

The crypto world is cripling companies the size of FTX, condemning them to bankruptcy, but at the same time seeing ecosystems the size of Cardano expand more than ever. As Vitalik Buterin said recently, right now you have to focus "on technology, not price" and Cardano is an example. 


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